When Your Focus is Needed in Other Areas

Like other law firms across the country, as you work toward a more efficient, greener, and less paper-intensive office, you are undoubtedly shifting to greater reliance on technology and a scanning software environment. Concurrently, you face the growing demand for better protection of computerized client data, a move that has been strengthened by the Gramm-Leach Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts which require you keep your electronic data and media safe and secure.

In response, you undoubtedly also already recognize that, today more than ever, having a back-up-and-restore provider would be a wise action. Yet, like many other professionals in your field, you probably sometimes inwardly question the way you are currently meeting these requirements. You wonder,

  • Is your company retaining its data in the way that best meets your retention needs?
  • Is your current solution the one that best meets your budgetary needs?
  • Does your provider streamline your backup files by eliminating redundancy?
  • Are you confident that your provider will be there in the event of a disaster?

You want to spend your busy days practicing law, not worrying whether your data is truly secure, how long that old server will keep plugging along, or whether a technological glitch might wipe out your records. Stop worrying over the mechanics of data backup. Call WeVault for a safe, affordable, reliable way to secure your –

  • Employee / Human Resource information and related files
  • Client information and related files
  • Company information and related files
  • Evidentiary documents
  • Video depositions

WeVault’s backup services are affordable, reliable, secure, and automatic. As a stand-alone system that also eliminates redundant files, WeVault will allow you to streamline your electronic media storage, saving both time and money. WeVault can also provide a “belt and suspenders” secondary backup if you’re still set on trusting employees to take your tape backups offsite.

Stop worrying over the mechanics of data backup. Make the phone call that will start your journey toward data backup peace of mind, so that you can focus on what your company does best – serving your clients, making money. and creating new business.

Call WeVault today.

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