If $&&$* Hits the Fan Today and Downs Your Network, Who Has Your Data?

The No-Nonsense, No-Worry Data Vaulting Solution

If you’re like most businesses, dependent on your information and data, than you need to put your business’ backup data in the hands of a trusted agent. This is where we come in. WeVault’s backup and restore software is a unique combination of technologies that will provide you with multiple efficiencies as well as top notch security.

WeVault’s efficiency is delivered via our unique THIN, Bit-by-Bit, and De-duplication software technology which save you money-because we don’t reduplicate what’s already been backed up. This saves both time (with fewer files being replicated), and money (which would have otherwise been spent on additional storage space, bandwidth, or tapes). We use state-of the art compression and encryption. Multiple offsite data facilities ensure that your data is not only safe and secure, but available whenever you are in need of it.


Our unique backup and restore software provides a true no-hassles, no-thinking- required solution. If you’ve been worrying about the status of your data, it’s time to get some peace of mind through WeVault’s fully automated remote backup capabilities. Simply download it to your computer, set it up to so that it has secure access to your computer’s files, and determine your backup preferences and requirements.

With WeVault’s data recovery software solution, you can rest assured that your backup data remains accessible to you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, while our software initiates your desired backup schedule, and facilitates the processing of your data to our secure remote offsite facilities, all via the internet. You don’t have to worry about compatibility – we support most major platforms.

If you’re seeking a competitively-priced data recovery solution that can provide you with top notch services, give us a call at (877) WeVault.

Bit-by-Bit sends only the changes to your files.

Bit by Bit

Bit by Bit

For Maximum Efficiency, Go with Our Bit-by-Bit Technology

Bit-by-Bit is WeVault’s proprietary way of comparing each bit of information, or block of data, in your data files and determining what’s new. Why is this important? Instead of reduplicating information night after night, extending the backup process and taking up more and more valuable storage space, we ensure that your bandwidth and vault resources are only used for your essential, unique information. Compare us to traditional backup services that transfer entire files each time a backup is run, disregarding the content and any duplicates that exist.

WeVault: Saving you Space, Time, Money…and Aggravation

After your full initial backup is performed by WeVault, the software then does subsequent backups on a Bit by Bit basis, transmitting only the new or changed information from your system to WeVault’s remote offsite storage for safekeeping. Once the new information has been identified it is encrypted, compressed and sent Bit-By-Bit to WeVault’s secured offsite servers. Since we only send what is new, this assures faster transmission time and less of a load on your network traffic.

Deduplication prevents the same file from being backed up twice.



Deduplication – Giving You the Best Bang for Your Buck

What is Deduplication? In the simplest terms, it’s getting rid of repetition-all of those pointless identical files or pieces of information gone, history! Our technology easily pinpoints which bits of data are unique, and then compresses, encrypts and transfers them to be stored in our vault. This applies across all backup profiles in your account as well. Traditional software would back up multiple computers spending your time, storage space, and bandwidth repeatedly backing up useless identical files from each computer. Now, you have a better choice with WeVault Deduplication.

How does it Work?

After our software completes its initial comprehensive backup of your company’s files, each subsequent backup only utilizes your company’s bandwidth and backup time for new and unique data, thereby reducing costs across the board for your company.

WeVault is able to accomplish this streamlining of resources by assigning a digital signature to each file being backed up. On subsequent backups, it then compares the new resulting signature to those on previously backed-up files. If there is a signature match between the new file and an existing backed-up file, the WeVault software then marks the new file as a duplicate, but does not re-transfer the file.

Bit By Bit and Deduplication technologies work together as a powerful team, examining and evaluating changed data by breaking files down into discrete blocks of information. Each block is compared to the corresponding block in a previously backed up version of that file. Any blocks that are found to be different will be transmitted as new backups, adding to the previous blocks to provide you with a new version of that file.

THIN technology makes your backup profiles run fast!

THIN Technology

THIN Technology

Get the Skinny on Backup Time with Our THIN Technology

Our WeVault THIN technology is the BRAIN behind our client software that enables it to identify which files have subsequently changed. Think of it as the accountant who’s keeping diligent track of all of your files, and knows exactly what’s been passing through his hands. As soon as a file comes through that has comparable information, your “accountant” quickly marks that file to be processed by the next backup.

Go from Hours to Minutes

WeVault software was constructed with efficiency as our mainstay. Being intimately familiar with the industry, we know how long traditional backups can take, and how they can tie up your staff, cripple your network, or eat up valuable storage space.

With our software, you’ll be asked to do an initial comprehensive backup. This will be the only time your backup profile will undergo a full seed of the source data.

After the first file backup is performed, all backups from then onwards will use our WeVault THIN Technology and take only a fraction of the time it took to do the initial seed. By utilizing a complex and proprietary logging algorithm, WeVault’s THIN Technology can quickly ascertain what has changed in a backup profile in a matter of minutes, thus eliminating the need for the files to be fully compared on a bit by bit basis again.

When combined with our Bit By Bit, and Deduplication technologies, THIN Technology results in subsequent backup jobs that complete in minutes rather than hours.

Note: THIN technology requires NTFS partitions. THIN will not work over FTP or SAMBA on Linux partitions.

Encryption secures your files.

Encryption and Privacy

We Have the Encryption Methods You Need for the Security You Require
Encryption and Privacy

Encryption Algorithms

WeVault supports the following encryption algorithms:

  • 64-bit BlowFish
  • 256-bit AES
  • 448-bit AES (planned)

The Encryption Run Down

When is data encrypted?

Your data is encrypted at your site via the WeVault client software. Data is ALWAYS encrypted. Data is not viewable or retrievable by WeVault agents.

  • Data travels over Internet encrypted.
  • Data travels on seed drives encrypted.
  • Data travels on restore drives encrypted.

Private Key

If you desire, WeVault supports the use of a private encryption key, or special pass-phrase that the customer defines when installing the WeVault software. This private encryption key provides additional insurance that all data is 100% private, viewable only to the customer. However, WeVault does not make copies, store, or remember private encryption keys. Therefore it is essential that each customer remember their encryption key. If the encryption key is forgotten, data cannot be restored under ANY circumstances. There is absolutely no way around this, so it is imperative to store your private encryption key in a safe place – this is paramount to your business’ security.

Also note that private encryption keys cannot be changed without a complete delete and re-seed of the customer’s vault.

If you have files to backup, WeVault can do it.

Supported System

WeVault supports the following platforms:

Operating Systems

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008

  • 32-bit, 64-bit
  • Special Plug-ins
  • System State backups available in Windows 2003 & 2008
  • IIS Settings backup plug-in
  • ITunes backup plug-in
  • Browser Favorites plug-in (IE & FireFox)
  • Email & Contacts PST/OST File backup

Linux backups are supported over FTP, SAMBA, SFTP, FTPS.
Note: A native Linux client is not yet available. WeVault does NOT support the setup or maintenance of Linux. This is for reference only.

MAC backups are supported over FTP, SAMBA, SFTP, FTPS.
Note: A native MAC client is not yet available. WeVault does NOT support the setup or maintenance of MAC. This is for reference only.

Server Software

Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007

  • Brick Level Backup (individual mailboxes)
  • Full (entire Exchange database)

SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008

VMWare can be backed up using Image-Level or File-Level models with VMWare Consolidated Backup. WeVault does NOT support the setup or maintenance of VMWare. This is for reference only.

Other Supported Backup Methods

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agent with questions, comments, or feedback.