Offsite Backup 101


Client accounts that require 5GB or more of backup should use WeVault’s Set-up & Seed Service. A USB hard drive is brought on site or shipped in a secure case (which is water proof, crush proof and virtually indestructible). The first set of backup data is then run to this drive in encrypted form. The drive is then shipped or brought back to WeVault’s secure facilities and put on our vault.


Backups can be scheduled and run automatically as required by your needs: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually, Continuous etc. Data retention periods can be set at various levels to suit your organization’s needs. De-duplication prevents storing/paying for unneeded duplicate copies of data.

WeVault’s software then processes your selected files and transfers the correct data over the internet. Data is encrypted and compressed on your system and sent over the Internet encrypted and compressed.


Files can be restored over the Internet through WeVault’s software. Based on a selected retention period, different versions of files can be retrieved if a certain restore in point of time is needed.

For large restores, you can opt to use WeVault’s Remote Restore Drive Service. A WeVault technician loads a USB hard drive with your requested restore point at WeVault’s secure facilities. The data is copied off of our vault in encrypted form and remains on the USB hard drive in encrypted form. The USB hard drive is then brought onsite or shipped via secure case.

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